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Care and Maintenance

Exotic and beautiful, succulents are typically found in warm tropical climates and deserts. They are popular because of their beauty and variety, and they allow our friends in warmer climates worldwide to have colorful, healthy gardens. Who wouldn’t want to have these plants in their own home! There are just a few things you need to know before you add succulents to your indoor houseplant collection.



Succulents thrive best when they have adequate sunlight. They will be at their happiest in a windowsill or an area receiving indirect light. Every so often turn your succulent in order for every part to receive sun.



It’s a common misconception that succulents only need to be watered slightly because they live in drought tolerant areas. They don’t need to be watered as often as most plants, but they do need a big drink of water when their soil is dry. The best rule of thumb is to test the soil with your finger. When the soil is completely dry then add enough water to seep out of the drainage hole. Make sure that there’s no water still seeping out of the bottom before you place it back down or the water will stay within the planter and cause the plants roots to rot over time.


Succulents require well-draining cactus soil. This prohibits saturated roots that cause root-rot. We use this in each of our planters along with drainage rocks and finishing rocks to create a desert like environment for each succulent and cactus plant. If your plant outgrows its planter, make sure to invest in a well-draining soil when replanting.


Just like most houseplants, succulents should be fertilized. Fertilize once in the springtime when the succulents growing period is at its highest point. The fertilizer will ensure that adequate nutrients will be delivered to the plant when it needs it the most. We often use Miracle Grow liquid cactus food for our indoor succulents. Just dilute the liquid in water according to the instructions.


Once you get these steps down, your succulents will reward you with new growth and seasonal flowers.